An eligible individual must be registered before they can vote in California and they must re-register or update their registration every time they move, change their name, or have been removed from voter registration rolls (for instance, because they were convicted of a prison felony but have now been released to parole).

California voters have several voter registration options:

  1. The following options are available until 15 days before each election:
    • Register to vote online!
    • Register to vote at:
      • The DMV
      • Post office
      • Your county election office
      • Your county social services office
    • Call 1-800-345-VOTE (8683) and ask for a registration form to be mailed to you.
  2. Same Day Registration! If you miss the 15-day registration deadline, you can still register to vote or update your registration and vote on any day that vote centers or polling places are open in your county.

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